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SUITECH's mission has always been to encourage and facilitate the self-expression of people like you. We understand that your vehicle is so much more than a form of transportation; is an avenue of expression, a symbol of freedom, and even a monument of self-pride. We are always looking into reinventing the customer experience in the vehicle accessory industry. Helping our customer reaching the desired appearance on their vehicles while saving them money is our goal number one.

For a very long time, people were required to either pay expensive installation services or be schooled on basic electrical/mechanical knowledge to customize their ride; with this in mind, we've designed products to be plug and play and very easy to install. The average person may now enjoy upgrading their vehicle without worrying about "installing it wrong."

Unlike our competitors, our products don't require cutting or splicing wires to be installed. The installation on our wiring systems as well as our lights accessories requires no longer than 20 minutes on average. 



We are in the business of efficiency, and therefore, our products are designed to save you money thru their ease of use and their multipurpose attributes. Imagine the savings you can achieve by not needing to make repeat purchases. Invest into a product once and forget about buying again. Whether we build a light bulb or a complex wiring system, you can rest assured that our design will accomplish the expected task without the needs of purchasing additional items. If you ever invest into a SUITECH brand flashlight, for example, you will notice and enjoy the extended useful life; your light will shine for years to come, and that’s a guaranteed!



SUITECH is a brand founded on 2010 by a group of electronic engineers and Jeep Wrangler enthusiast, who out of their passion, decided to design and manufacture lighting solutions. SUITECH is a trademark owned by Tejera LLC. Tejera LLC, is a company dedicated to design, manufacture, and distribute lighting products.



We are sure you love to purchase products directly from the manufacturer as much as possible. We all have the tendency of avoiding re-sellers for obvious reasons; the prices are higher because of their commissions, and their level of responsibility for the product is usually second to none… “Contact the Manufacturer” they say… It has been proven over and over again that when you purchase from the manufacturer, you are not only getting the best price, but peace of mind!


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