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H13-H4 / H4-H13 Adapters

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SuiTech's Adapters
- Need an Adapter for your new set of headlights?
- Tire of cutting and splicing?
- Worried about voiding your vehicle's warranty?

The SuiTech's Adapters were specially designed to adapt your newly acquired aftermarket LED or HID headlight kit to your vehicle! No need for professional installation. Just Plug and Play!. Minutes to install WITHOUT modifications. Choose between H4-H13 or H13-H4 

H4 to H13: H4 (MALE) to H13 (FEMALE) Plugs

H13 to H4: H13 (MALE) to H4 (FEMALE) Plugs

Advanced Technology
- Fully Plug N' Play.
- Prevents voiding your warranty.
- Highly durable plugs!

- Two (2) Adapters

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